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The 'Big Five'

Amazon Alexa
Apple Siri
Google Assistent    
Microsoft Cortena


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Voice user interfaces (VUI)  
Our 1-week voice design sprint will help you define the most useful use cases for voice and a high-level VUI ... 


Applied Artificial Intelligence: A Handbook For Business Leaders. 
Mariya Yao, Adelyn Zhou and Marlene Jia 2018. ... 

The AI Advantage: How to Put the Artificial Intelligence Revolution to Work. 
Thomas H. Davenport  2018. ...
#HighOnData ... 

What’s Your Data Strategy? 
Leandro DalleMule and Thomas H. Davenport ... 

Thomas H. Davenport ... 

Voice user interfaces (VUI)

B2C bots

Hvilke af de fem store bot-platforme skal man starte op med?  
Hvilke bot-platform skal man starte op med, the big five, eller er der nye virksomheder på trapperne, hvem vinder bot-platform kampen?

Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistent, Facebook, Microsoft Cortena.

Amazon Alexa bot - til indkøb og smarthome
... only 0.2% of Alexa users reporting buying anything on the device. ... 
Alexa Auto – BMW Vehicles with Amazon Alexa Built-In ...

Apple Siri - mest til musik

Facebook platformen - til venner og indkøb
Det Facebook ejede kan vinde B2C markedet med venne anbefaling funktion. makes it easy for developers to build applications and devices that you can talk or text to.
Wit understøtter dansk: ... 

Google Assistent - bedst til søgning og nyheder 
Google Duplex: A.I. Assistant Calls Local Businesses To Make Appointments ...   
Googles open source machine learning framework
Google Knowledge Panel - business profile ... 
Microsoft Cortena

I Kina har ​WeChat sat sig på markedet
WeChat - The 'Super-App' That's Transforming Tech

Analyse af bot typer og funktioner  
Personlige bots, kundeservice bots og nyhedsbots. 

Types of Bots

7 Types of Bots

Valg af bot-platform efter formål og funktion
Forbrugerne vil helst have samlet alle funktioner et sted, som med WeChat, men må i Danmark indtil videre prioritere den platform, der er bedst udfører den funktion, som forbrugeren prioriterer. F.eks. indkøb på Amazon platformen eller nyheder på Google platformen. Hertil kommer hvilke betalingsplatform der vinder. Vinder takes it all?

Detailhandel: Amazon har i 2018 40% af julehandelen i USA og Amazon ekspanderer i Danmark. 
The 'Big Five' Could Destroy the Tech Ecosystem
If Amazon puts retailers out of business, who will advertise on Google and Facebook? ... 
Amazon Alexa funktioner er måske mest interessant for forbrugernes indkøb, fordi Amazon specialiserer sig i bestillingssystemer, hvor Google er bedst til søgning, Apple til musik og Facebook til venner.
Eksempel på Amazon funktion: Book a table at your favorite restaurant using the OpenTable skill. ... 

Opentable is an online service for making restaurant reservations. It’s the market leader in the space, owned by Priceline. ... 
OpenTable Began a Revolution. Now It’s a Power Under Siege. 
The restaurant Dosa has switched to Yelp, which now offers several features to help restaurants manage their reservations. ... 

Google and Amazon Escalate Voice 'Platform Wars'
Mike Boland: Any entity competing for local commerce - publishers, brands, ad-tech players—has a looming platform choice for voice.
Like the platform wars between iOS and Android, it's a matter of deciding where to apply finite resources and development muscle.
Maybe the answer is "both" Google and Amazon. But for now, Google appears to have the lead. ... 
Beyond platform choice, it’s a matter of optimizing presence in voice search. ... 

Beyond the Screen series Voice Platforms and Augmented Reality

Alexa or Google Assistant? At CES, the battle moves into home robots

The biggest Google Assistant products from CES 2019 ... 

Leading local SEO predictions: Reserve with Google will grow, real-time local inventory gets real GMB messaging, voice search optimization, local inventory data, Q&A and the decline of SMB websites are all explored. ... 


Bots, fremtidens digitale assistenter i private virksomheder ... 

Artificial intelligence in service 
M.-H. Huang, R.T. Rust 2018.
Journal of Service Research, 21 (2) (2018), pp. 155-172.
... a theory of AI job replacement ... The theory specifies four intelligences required for service tasks: mechanical, analytical, intuitive, and empathetic. ... The progression of AI task replacement  ... ... 

Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of social media 
A.M. Kaplan, M. Haenlein 2010. Business Horizons, 53 (1) (2010), pp. 59-68

If you love something, let it go mobile:
Mobile marketing and mobile social media 4 × 4
A.M. Kaplan 2012. Business Horizons, 55 (2) (2012), pp. 129-139.
...  ‘Four I's’ of mobile social media. ...  

Siri, Siri, in my hand: Who’s the fairest in the land?
On the interpretations, illustrations, and implications of artificial intelligence
Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein 2018. ... 

Trendanalyse 2019: Mere tillid og klimakamp ... 

Generelt om trendanalyse 
Google Assistant auditions to be your personal digital twin via Duplex

Platform Economy

The Real future of the Platform Economy 
1: From mass market to personalization
2: Standardize transactions
3: Provide SaaS
4: Aggregating demand and supply ... generating “pull” dynamics
5: Identity and reputation ... clear reputation systems let the best players emerge

In Wardley Map’s terms, the effect of the application of these recurring traits produces a peculiar value chain shape change: from C (industrial) to Z (post-industrial). ... 

Wardley Map
Learn How to Stimulate Future Ideas and Strategies
"Anticipating the Future: An Introduction to Value Chain Mapping." ... 

Algorithms that rule the B2C web

Algorithms that rule the web: Recommendations  
Advertising: Google and Amazon, 
Love: eHarmony and Match, 
News: nyhedsmedier, nationalt, regionalt, lokalt, hyperlokalt,
... Robot journalism: Case: ... 
Recommendations: tillid, Amazon, Facebook, 
Search: Google, 
Social: Facebook, ... 

Platform Wars

Google and Amazon Escalate Voice 'Platform Wars'
Like the platform wars between iOS and Android, it's a matter of deciding where to apply finite resources and development muscle. ... 

Google and Amazon Fought a Smart-Home Battle at CES 2019
Who won? It depends on how you look at it. ... 

Intelligent devices

Android tablet with 4 front-facing speakers that doubles as a Smart Screen with Alexa built-in, becoming your home’s personal assistant ... 


Samsung​ og VUI
Samsung har bekræftet rygterne. Selskabets 2019 Smart TV bliver kompatible med Google Assistant og Amazon Alexa. ...